October 27, 2010

Cathedral-Basilica of St Louis King of France New Orleans

Sitting in a pew in the St Louis Cathedral, surrounded by beautiful stained glass, ornate murals and angelic music filling the air I am always overtaken by a feeling of peace and the presence of the Holy Spirit.

St Louis Cathedral has the distinction of being the oldest operating cathedral in the United States. The people of New Orleans have worshiped in churches on this site since 1727. The depth of nearly three hundred years of worship; the marriages and the mourning, the celebration of baptism and the horrors of war. The joys and the heartbreaks all linger in the air of this beautiful space and do not escape me. I say a prayer for those who came before us, those who are with us now and those who will come after we are gone.

To learn more about St Louis Cathedral go to http://www.stlouiscathedral.org/


Angelia Sims Hardy said...

That is truly beautiful. No wonder they still worship there. Amazing.

Liz said...

New Orleans is too close to me to not make it there sometime before we move again!