October 5, 2014

I Left My Heart In...

I would like to visit Kennebunkport Maine and stay until I don't want to be there any more.  

The Señor says that would happen come the first winter but I'm not so sure.

Kennebunkport is part of a wonderful little area known as The Kennebunks.  

The Kennebunks consist of three small towns located in southern York County; Kennebunk, Kennebunkport and Arundel. 

They are bordered on the southeast by the Atlantic Ocean and the west by the state of New Hampshire.

All three are lovely but Kennebunkport (population 3,474) and its little fishing village of Cape Porpoise hold my heart. 

Kennebunkport is every bit as quaint as you might think.  

The streets are lined with lush lawns showcasing homes worthy of their own Coastal Living pictorial.

The Lower Village and Dock Square are filled with wonderful speciality shops that can occupy a shopper for hours on end.

The Señor and I stayed in a boutique hotel located in Dock Square; The Boathouse.

(I wish I could take credit for this photo but; alas, The Boathouse gets the credit.)

The Boathouse provides impeccable service.  We were never so surprised as when we pulled in to the valet and were told guests are assigned a personal parking space during their stay.  

The gentleman pointed out our spot; complete with a personalized sign, and explained it would remain assigned to us throughout our time there.  

No calling to have the car brought around.  

No searching for a parking spot.  

The space was steps from the entrance.  

What a way to make a first impression! 

The service; as well all as the room, were top-notch all the way.

Should one be so lucky they even offer temporary boat slips for guests who arrive by water.

Their restaurant, David's KPT, offers outside dining and features wonderful dishes local to the region.    

Did I mention Kennebunkport has beaches!  

We spent some time at Goose Beach and Mother's Beach which are located appropriately on Beach Avenue.  

Beaches in Maine are breathtaking and nothing like the deep sandy beaches in Texas or Mexico.  

The ground is flat and the sand much more packed.  It is also darker in color. 

Let me tell you, even in July that water is pretty dang chilly!

Directly across the street from this beach sits some of the most incredible homes I have ever seen.  I still have to wonder who lives or "summers" in one of these.

The next stop on this adventure is Cape Porpoise and a quick glimpse of Walker's Point; the summer home of President George HW and Barbara Bush.  I hope you'll join me.

October 3, 2014

In Search Of The Perfect Lobster Roll

With lobster shack map in hand we bid the Pierce family and their little piece of heaven adieu and headed south.

As luck (and perfect timing) would have it we pulled in to Wiscasset Maine just in time for lunch.

Wiscasset is the home of Red's Eat's.
According to my research Red's is the "undisputed" best lobster roll in Maine.  

Judging by the traffic into town; as well as the line around the place, I wasn't the only one who had done their research.

Red's Eats is a shack, albeit a shack with people lined up nearly a city block waiting to place their order. 

The Señor, with his aversion to lines, wasn't too keen on the idea of standing in this one.

I, on the other hand, was dead set on it.
He, being The Señor, was a real trooper and agreed to stand with me.

We, noticing the two or three other shacks across the street, pondered the fact they had no lines.

I, being on a mission, reasoned it would be worth the wait.

He, quiet frankly, wasn't so sure.

We, in total agreement, declare this to be one of the most decadent bites of all time.

Yes folks, this is a Red's Eats lobster roll.

This roll is served on a piece of tin foil.
This roll includes the meat of an entire lobster (mayo or butter on the side - I prefer butter), sitting atop a hot dog bun.

This roll is served by a person who a few minutes earlier took your order through a walk-up window, collected your $12 and handed you an order number. 

This roll is simple, simple, simple and it is incredible!

It was now time to continue our journey down the coast; and to number two on the list, Five Islands Lobster Company - Georgetown Maine.  

Thank goodness it was several miles and traffic was heavy!

Five Islands Lobster Company is exactly what I I pictured a lobster pound to be.  

It sits at the end of a long and winding road on a tiny point.

The roll was fresh and very good.  It was served with lettuce and mayo.  Not my favorite style but certainly nothing to complain about either.  

It was definitely worth the stop.  

After all, who could complain about eating lobster that most certainly was swimming in these lovely waters a mere few hours earlier?

Certainly not this girl.

Next stop Kennebunkport and trust me when I say; you're going to love it!


The Señor and I were invited to spend a few days in Bar Harbor Maine with dear friends and their precious kiddos last summer.  I had been on a day trip to the southern part of Maine several years before and fell in love with it.  I couldn't wait to get back and see more.

Anyone who knows me knows I have always been a beach lover; however, after a few summer days in Maine my loyalties strayed. The combination of perfect temperatures and lush vegetation makes for pretty-as-a-picture moments at every turn.  July temperatures range from highs in the mid 70's to lows in the upper 50's. Not too hot. Not too cold. Just right.

And if that's not enough to make you dream of being a wannabe "Mainer" consider (as the locals say) the lobstah.  My goal on this trip was to eat the lobstah at least once a day .  If I recall correctly this guy cost me less than twenty bucks when it was all said and done.  Unheard of in Dallas Texas.

Prior to the trip I researched and mapped what some of the more well known food writers claim to be the Best Lobster Shacks on the East Coast.  There were seven on the list.  I hoped The Señor and I might hit a few as we made our way from BOS to Bar Harbor and back.

As luck would have it our first stop was number seven on the list, Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier, Kittery Point, Maine.

How I ended up without a picture of a Lobster Roll from this pretty little spot is beyond me but for some reason or another I don't have one.  The roll was very good but watching the lobster boats go up and down the river from the dock while taking in the crisp cool air was the highlight for me.

After leaving there we drove on to the cabin where we had a perfect nights sleep in a cozy bed with the windows open and the crickets chirping.  My kind of camping!

The following day we headed in to town for birthday girl Mattie Mae's favorite brunch spot, Two Cats.  I'll just go ahead and tell you, if you find yourself in Bar Harbor Maine, Two Cat's is must!

Yes, it's Lobster Eggs Benedict (remember my goal!).

Some random shots from around Bar Harbor...

Our days with the Pierce family were perfect.  We spent glorious days taking in the scenery, eating delicious food and enjoying the climate.  We spent lovely evenings on the deck drinking wine, watching shooting stars and feeling the stress fall off.  

Next stop Kennebunkport Maine but first; how about a lobster roll?

October 2, 2014

While I Was Away...

This morning I realized it's been 15 months since my last blog post.

As I type these words I have to smile and ask myself; is this something like blogger confession?

Is this the part where I say forgive me Blog Land for I have been neglectful; it's been 15 months since my last post.

Perhaps so.

While I was away life was chock-full of  adventures.  Why I haven't memorialized them here; I have no idea.

I've missed it though.

That I must confess.

So check back soon as I reflect on the pristine beauty that is Maine.

September 29, 2014

August 7, 2013

You Are My Sunshine...

My precious niece turned 16 this past month.

To celebrate her special day my Mom and I took her and her BFF to the beach for a little girl time.

Here's a few shots of those beautiful girls enjoying Gulf Shores and some of what is has to offer.

Happy Birthday Mc - you are my sunshine!