October 11, 2008

"una mas cerveza por favor"

COUNTDOWN! In 7 days I will be in my happy place! For those of you who are not familiar with my happy place it is on the beach in beautiful Playa del Carmen Mexico. Granted it is the rainy season but I am praying for some sunshine! And, even if we see little sunshine while we are there it will still be a wonderful trip. You see, life in Playa is calm. Nobody gets in a hurry. The population is comprised of people from all over the world - many of who went for a visit and never left. If they did leave it was to go home, sell everything they had and get back as quick as they could. Of course, I understand life in Playa isn't for everyone but it is definitely for Senor Reaves and me and we can't wait to get back there...even if it is only for a visit.


Betsy said...

What a coincidence! I'm going to Playa too! Maybe I'll see you there :)

haley said...

I am so jealous!!!

Suzanne said...

Be sure and check out real estate while you are there. I'm ready to move forward with my plan...liquidate and move to Mexico. Have a great time!!