November 5, 2008

So much going on...

In the past few weeks we have been on vacation, celebrated a beautiful marriage and closed the door on the 2008 election.

Our trip to Playa was nice - although very, very wet - and not from being in the ocean. We took a chance on Playa during the rainy season and boy did we get rain! Oh well, it was still a lovely trip. We did have a couple of afternoons of "scattered sunshine". We also practiced our bar-hopping-in-the-rain skills and found that we are still pretty darn good at it.

Laura and Cody's wedding was wonderful. Becker Vineyards in Fredericksburg was the perfect venue. The good Lord smiled down upon them with a picture-perfect day and I have the pictures to prove it! (I promise to post them if I can ever get them off the camera!)

We spent the weekend in Fredericksburg in a rather funky B & B. It is a huge old house with lots of doors, windows, decorations and dust! It had a fabulous courtyard where we were able to enjoy the above mentioned picture-perfect weather. The beds and bedding were wonderful and the breakfast was pretty dang good. For those of you who don't know, my secret dream is to run a B & B. By the time we left I had done lots of renovations and made fabulous changes to the house. Okay, so they were only in my mind but man-oh-man was it fun!

Today we have a new President-Elect. He wasn't my candidate but, hey, that is what democracy is all about. Now, it is time to put the election with all its negativity behind us and move forward. It is my prayer that the people of our country will embrace him, his family, and his administration and work together to solve the many challenges we face. I will include each of them in my prayers and I hope you will do the same.

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Betsy said...

Just wanted to say that I miss you!