June 15, 2009

Where Have I Been?

Actually I've been a lot of places lately and I plan to memorialize each of them here sometime between now and the end of eternity (multiple posts to follow!).

First things first though. In March I decide the Reaves' master bedroom needed a serious makeover. Of course, what I deem to be a simple 5 day project can never actually end up as such.

It started out as planned. We, well not actually we but the contractors re-textured the ceiling and walls, installed crown molding, trim and new baseboards, painted, ripped out the carpet and installed new flooring. The crown molding proved to be a little challenging as our entire home is apparently, well, crooked. Several days and lots of frustration later they somehow got it done.

Now, more about the room. The walls are the color of Hershey's Cocoa and the crown molding, boarders and bedding are white.

I went junk shopping and found a couple of old antique doors. Senior Reaves got crafty and mounted them for me and we now have a funky new headboard.

We added a gorgeous Persian style rug and some powder blue accents and we now have a warm and cozy master bedroom that I love.

I have as of yet to hang anything on the walls and am considering not doing so. There is something very calming about having a warm, simple room to lie down in each night. The room almost has the feel of a space from long ago - soft white linens and big fluffy pillows - they inspire a feeling of times gone past. The days when Ma Maw and Pa Paw were young, when folks slept with their windows open and enjoyed the breeze - a breeze whose movement created shadows across the wall that softly rocked them to sleep at night.

I love that one can create such feelings and conjure up memories by using color, texture, fabric, light. What a fabulous gift from God the senses are.


Betsy said...

I love the room! Especially the door headboard - I made a headboard out of shutters once - your doors remind me of that.

jessica said...

It's so great. I can't wait to see it in person this weekend!