June 15, 2009

Bright Lights, Big City...

In April I had the pleasure of traveling with my Mom and Sandra to New York City. It was the first visit to NYC for Sandra and I. Mom went over 20 years ago with one of her crazy-crazy friends but believe me people, that is a whole other story!

The trip was wonderful - even though someone ordered up a monsoon for the majority of the time we were there - oh, and I guess I should mention the temperature was somewhat chilly. Still we suffered through!

We picked up our "City Sights" 48 hour-hop-on-hop-off bus tickets and hit the streets. I don't guess there is a Manhattan neighborhood we didn't cover on one of those trusty buses at least once; as well as, Brooklyn. We were even lucky enough to see Queens courtesy of a great driver we had on the way to the airport as we were leaving town!

Now, a little bit about the layout of a "City Sights" bus. They are considered a "double-decker" bus although there is actually only one level (the top) used to carry passengers.

Some of said buses are partially covered with a thick, clear plastic top and others are not.

One would think that during monsoon season the folks at "City Sights" would choose to only run those buses that are at least partially covered but NO, they run them all. They are kind enough to sometimes hand out what they term as a rain slicker - however I believe most people might see it more as a table cloth for Barbie's Dream House.

The "City Sights" tour is definitely a great way to get the lay of the land. The tour includes an real-live-official-tour-guide as well. Some of them are a little sketchy, others maybe not quiet as much.

We took the obligatory carriage ride through Central Park.

It was every bit as charming as you might think it would be - not to mention the carriage driver was kind enough to loan us his blanket. In Central Park we saw it all - skaters, bikers, kids playing on jungle gyms, baseball fields, tennis courts, lakes, Shakespeare Garden, dancers, painters, Strawberry Fields, Tavern On The Green, the Children's Zoo. My goodness, I could truly go on and on!

We also visited the world famous Tiffany and Company, St Patrick's Cathedral, The NY City Library, Ground Zero, Rockefeller Plaza, Washington Square. Well, you name it I think we saw it and it was all very impressive!

The highlight of the trip for me was seeing Phantom of the Opera and Jersey Boys on Broadway. I was absolutely in awe of both productions. They are completely different shows of course and, in my opinion, the perfect shows to see for a first trip to Broadway.

I'm currently begging Mark to take me back one day, preferably during the holidays. I want to see all the sappy tourist stuff - especially the tree at Rockefeller Plaza. I also want to take a second ride through Central Park - this time with Mr Love of My Life snuggled up in the carriage beside me. New York is truly unlike anything I've ever seen before and I look forward to the next time I am fortunate enough to experience another little bite of the Big Apple.


Cody said...

I'm just started to get excited about my trip to NYC here in a couple of weeks for the US Open, and I see this. Now I'm in full-bore "LET'S GO!" mode. I agree that going up there around the holidays would be really neat.

Betsy said...

I'm lucky to have had the chance to spend Christmas in NY twice - magical! I hope you and Mark go soon - maybe when Ed and Hart are in town. It's fun to see NY with a "local"!