August 14, 2009

My Happy Place...

To settle in to a beach chair in Playa del Carmen or X-Pu Ha Beach is a therapeutic experience. To share it with people I love makes it even more special. On our most recent trip down Mexico way we added a couple of new folks to our usual cast of characters - welcome Micah and Taylor! and were minus a couple - we missed you Jessica and Cory!

Mark, Kim and Taylor

Taylor at X-Pu Ha Beach

Cody and Haley

Mark and Gary

Bryan and Micah at Coconuts - Cozumel

View from Fusion Restaurant - Playa del Carmen


Betsy said...

I'm incredibly jealous! I would give most anything to be at XpuHa NOW. Oh! I told a friend here about Luna and she and her husband spent a week there in July! They loved having Fusion right next door.

Unknown said...

Ya know. I KNOW Port A aint Playa Del Carma. Or any of these other exotic places you get to go. But as much as you go go go...You could come down to my little version of paradise! Hang out with ol' Brent. Even if just for a weekend. I'm just sayin...

And yes I have been reading here.

Love it and love you! ~ Brent