June 6, 2010

"He" Didn't Deserve The Credit...

Well, it turns out the eye problem was not autoimmune related thank the good Lord.  I simply had a good old fashioned eye infection. 

It started out in the left eye and ended up settling in the right eye too before it was all said and done. 

Seven days of drops and gel, three trips to the Opthamologist and I'm good as new. 

My immediate decision that the redness had to be autoimmune related is a great example of my never-ending fear of that dang 'ole tenant of mine. 

I really must learn not to give "him" so much credit!


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LBDDiaries said...

Very much good news for you! I used to do that, think "worst case" and discover minor detail then bop myself on the head because of it! Got lots of bop bruises (j/k). You're right - don't give that tenant attention he doesn't deserve!