September 10, 2010


I sit here tonight reflecting on a not so distant morning some nine years ago.

Yes, a morning nine years in the past but that somehow seems like only yesterday.

A morning that changed the world as we knew it forever.

On that morning every man, woman and child in our country was attacked by evil. By a group of extremists who use a twisted version of Islam to perform unthinkable acts of violence against innocent people.

Tonight I pray for those who lost their lives on that tragic morning and for their loved ones who grieve their loss.

I pray for our country and for the soldiers who work each day to protect us from future attacks. I pray for their families and the sacrifices they make.

I pray that the president, our national and local government, the judges, the policeman, the business leaders and those who are in leadership positions in our country seek the Lord's guidance as they make decisions that impact the future of our nation.

I pray for those who have lost their lives protecting our country and for those they have left behind.

I pray for an end to human injustice, hunger and abuse.

I pray for peace.

I pray I will never forget.

Won't you join me?


citymouse said...

Very nice. All of our lives were changed by 9/11 and continue to be. I thank God everyday for our safety,our leaders, and my son and the other soldiers who are defending our freedoms.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for remembering to acknowledge the anniversary of that life changing day. My prayers are with you. Deanna B.