February 3, 2012

Pinning Away = Pining Away...

The makeover of the guest room is about to be in full swing. The room has been completely cleaned out - minus the bed and a shelf that will require assistance from the Señor in order to be moved.

The painters are scheduled to arrive Tuesday morning at 9:30. This happens to coincide perfectly with the Señor's upcoming travel schedule. This occurred by sheer coincidence but is a good thing as 1) the Señor doesn't enjoy construction projects and 2) the Señor doesn't like having strangers in his house.

I on the other hand am ready. Bring it on. I'm like a kid with a giant box of crayons and I'm ready to color!

I've been told the painters will take three days to complete their work. Day one the yucky popcorn mess with be removed from the ceiling in the hallway and guest bedroom. Once that is complete the ceilings will be textured and painted. Finally the "surfaces" in the hallway and guest bedroom will be painted. "Surfaces" include the baseboards, cabinets, doors, etc. So by Friday we should have clean, fresh new paint.

As I have said before; patience is not one of my strong suits. The past few days have included a lot of waiting. Again, not one of my strong suits. So what's an impatient girl to do while waiting? Well, shop of course! And that my friends is where the greatest time suck of all time enters stage right. Pinterest.

Ah, Pinterest. I do believe in the past week or so I have combed over every bedroom picture ever "pinned" to Pinterest. Some possibly twice. Yes, I do love me some Pinterest. With that said I will just come right out and state that whoever came up with Pinterest deserves a seat right next to that famous Facebook genius Mark Zuckerberg. Yes, Mr. Zuckerberg proudly sits first chair in the competition for the "Greatest Time Suck Of All Time". Mr. (or perhaps Ms.) Pinterest sits second chair.

So, with the help of Pinterest, a little imagination and the wonders of on-line shopping I have put together what in my mind's eye is a dreamy guest room. Who knows, it might even end up on Pinterest.

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Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

Visiting from SITS. Love your blog.