October 19, 2012


I'm still plugging along.  Today is "weigh day".  I'm down 12.9 pounds.  Yep, it's still slow, slow, slow.  Oh well, at least the number is going down rather than up!  I must confess that I haven't made it to the gym yet.  Hopefully soon.  This craft bug I have seems to be taking up all my time!

I've done a couple of more jewelry frames since my last post.  Both are painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint and distressed to hopefully look "shabby chic".  Both currently appear in my Etsy shop but I plan to show them at a craft fair I am participating in on November 10th if they don't sale before.  I am excited about the craft fair.  I've never done anything like that and I think it sounds fun (although it also sounds like a lot of work!).

This frame is painted what Annie Sloan calls Emperor's Silk.  The original frame had some very light blue in it and can be seen in some of the distressed areas.  It really gives it a cool look.  I left the back of these frames open to allow the wall paint to show through.

This next frame is painted Napolecnic Blue.  The original frame was gold and I love how distressing it allowed the gold to peak through in the detailed areas of the frame.

I just love turning something dirty and beat-up into a newly repurposed, pretty something.  Transformation is a good thing.  I need to remember that when trying to get myself to the gym!

Happy Friday everyone - we're off to Lubbock this weekend to spend time with some most precious faces.

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