October 2, 2014

While I Was Away...

This morning I realized it's been 15 months since my last blog post.

As I type these words I have to smile and ask myself; is this something like blogger confession?

Is this the part where I say forgive me Blog Land for I have been neglectful; it's been 15 months since my last post.

Perhaps so.

While I was away life was chock-full of  adventures.  Why I haven't memorialized them here; I have no idea.

I've missed it though.

That I must confess.

So check back soon as I reflect on the pristine beauty that is Maine.

1 comment:

Marie Flutterby said...

I know the what you mean when I abandoned my blog for god knows how long, too long perhaps but, this time I'm back for good because I found a passion to blog about to which I call my Phlog.