November 4, 2009

Wine Country - Day One

Our time in the wine country was spectacular. We were given the opportunity to visit many beautiful wineries, taste scrumptious wines and dine on fabulous food created by local chefs.

We arrived in the wine country about a week after the final grapes of the season had been picked. The wine makers were busy at work; their grapes picked, cleaned and on to the initial stages of their life-cycle, one day to become wine.

The only grapes left on the vines when we arrived are known as "second growth". They are small and will not produce the plump, juicy grape the growers need for making wine. However, the grapevines that covered the rolling hills were beautiful. I was amazed by the brilliant shades of green, gold and purple leaves that covered the vines although I later learned that even though the colors are beautiful they are indicative of late season leaf curl and not something desired by the growers. Still, through my eyes, they were beautiful!

The Senor, brother-in-law and I left Muir Woods and made our way up through Napa Valley. While passing through Napa we stopped by Artesa Winery, Darioush Winery and Merryvale for tastings. Each of them had wonderful offerings. We decided a bite to eat was in order before continuing on our adventure so we stopped in at the Silverado Brewing Company for a quick bite and cold beer to cleanse the palate.

We took the very scenic Hwy 128 from St Helena to Geyserville. Fantastic little windy road for we awe-struck tourists to meander through! After loads of meandering and basically being very lost (and late) we made it to our destination.

Our host and hostess during our visit to Sonoma were our dear friends Bob and Sandy. Sandy is a grower in Sonoma and lives on her farm there. Her place is simply charming with not a detail missing.

The night of our arrival we had dinner in Geyserville at a fabulous little Italian restaurant, Scopa. The food and wine were spectacular. Standouts of the meal were an appetizer of flash-fried Padrone peppers, bruschetta with goat cheese, eggplant and roasted tomato and the most delicate ravioli I have ever put in my mouth.

The next two days were comprised of complete sensory overload. There are simply no words to describe the food, wine, scenery or kindness we encountered everywhere we went.

Day Two To Come...


bj said...

O, I so envy you this lovely trip. My aunt and uncle lived in Sonoma for several years and I never did get to visit there. They loved it so much. I know it is a beautiful place....
Hope you have pics. of your friends home there....!!

Anonymous said...
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