November 9, 2009

Wine Country - Day Two

Three walls of the guesthouse are windows - I awoke on day two to a view of the most beautiful hillside draped in grapevines. The sunshine danced over the hills creating the most gorgeous array of colors imaginable. The scene changed quickly and dramatically with the rising of the sun. I would love to have been able to freeze each moment in time and replay them over and over again.

We slept with the windows open. The temperature dipped down in to the 40's overnight and it was lovely to slowly wake up under the warm blankets surrounded by so much beauty. It was like an instant shot of energy! The air was crisp and cool and we were definitely ready for another day.

Our first stop was the Robert Young Winery. Sandy had arranged for a private tasting and tour at 10:00 AM. Our host at the winery was Bill and we couldn't have asked for a nicer or more knowledgeable gentleman to discuss the wines with us. The Robert Young wines were delicious (the Senor believes them to be the best he sampled during the trip) and a case is scheduled to arrive at our home any day now. Bill also graciously took us on a tour of the Robert Young caves while we were there which was quiet a treat.

Next we met up with some more dear friends, Bob and Cathy, at the Sausel Winery. There we paid a visit to Bob and Cathy's good friend Dave Demostene. Dave showed us around his winery and even allowed us the opportunity to partake in two barrel tastings one of which was from their Century Vines - some of those vines were planted over 130 years ago!

We stopped and had a quick bite of lunch with Sandy, Bob and Cathy and then were on to more wine tasting adventures. Thank goodness for Sandy who was deemed our "designated driver"!

The remainder of the afternoon we visted the Simi, Ridge and Mazzacco wineries. Each had its own distinct character, the folks pouring were fun and informative and, again, several cases will be showing up on our front steps in the next few days. (Yes, you'll notice a pattern here!)

The lovely Cathy joined Sandy, the Senor, brother-in-law and I for dinner that night. We dined at the fabulous Bistro Ralph in Healdsburg. The food and wine were flawless. The friends and family I shared it with are more special than any of them will ever know.

As I drifted off to sleep that night all I could think of was that perhaps I had died and gone to foodie heaven!

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Sam said...

Hi Friend, what a nice read. I just love your stuff. Oh, and thanks for stopping in on me at

Those photos of your feet are fabulous. I am a huge foot person with claustrophobic toes of my own.

Love it. Keri