December 15, 2009

What a Sweet, Sweet Santa!

Okay, I'm sure you all think you had THE most sweet and thoughtful Secret Santa of them all...

and I'm sure YOURS was sweet and thoughtful...

BUT it turns out it that it was I

who had THE most sweet and thoughtful Secret Santa of them all!

I mean just look at what this girl did for me!

First, she went digging through my blog and learned that I am a complete Muir Woods LOVER.

She then found a BEAUTIFUL photo of Muir Woods and had a nifty little spiral notebook made for me with the photo on the cover.

She then went EVEN one step further and had this gorgeous inscription that I love inscribed on the inside cover.

I mean REALLY, can a Secret Santa be more THOUGHTFUL?

Then, she took it even further by sending me this precious mug stuffed with yummy biscotti and chocolate covered peppermint sticks.  Santa really MUST know everything because THIS girl LOVES her some biscotti!

And check out these PRECIOUS note cards with my initial and the SEASHELLS.  I ADORE all things paper and, of course, I LOVE seashells!

So yes, it is WITHOUT A DOUBT that I do have the SWEETEST AND MOST THOUGHTFUL SECRET SANTA of them all and I THANK HER from the bottom of my heart!


♥Georgie♥ said...

Oh wow kim...yanno i just love it when the sss partners get it right and yours so did...i am so delighted to see all your goodies!

bj said...

wow....Kim, you must have been a really, REALLY good girl this year.
This is a wonderful gift from some sweet lady somewhere!!! :)
Merry Christmas,

Megryansmom said...

Hopping around the blogosphere, enjoying all the wonderful surprises that the SS sent. Happy Holidays!

Justine said...

Ooh, nice haul, Kim! My Secret Santa was rockin' too!!!

Justine :o )

Justine said...

Kim, did I ever tell you it was me?

Justine :o )

Elizabeth said...

Justine is definitely a great SS. She contacted me as soon as she had your name to make the cards and they HAD to have sand dollars and starfish. I'm so glad you like them. The gorgeous Muir Woods journal was super-thoughtful also.
Wasn't this fun? I'm definitely participating next year, because I had the best SS, too!