February 24, 2010

Out of touch...

I have been so out of touch. Between allergies, snow storms, and a couple of quick jaunts to west Texas I have completely neglected Toes. So, first things first...Toes, I apologize for neglecting you. I've missed you and promise to do better. Forgive me please!

This will be a hodge-podge of info so hang on!

We saw our oldest nephew a couple of weeks ago and I learned he did the most thoughtful thing for me as a Christmas gift. He purchased www.mytoesareclaustrophobic.com for me. So now, rather than folks having to enter the whole blogspot address (www.mytoesareclaustrophobic.blogspot.com) they can simply (simply?!) enter www.mytoesareclaustrophobic.com and will be auto-directed to the longer address without having to type it in. Wasn't that sweet and thoughtful? I thought so too. Thank you Cody!

My quest for the perfect Mexican Chilaquiles recipe continues. To date I have only found the time to prepare one recipe and although it was tasty it was NOT up to the standard I have set for what will someday be my "house" chilaquiles recipe. The search continues.

I mentioned a couple of recent trips to west Texas. The first trip afforded me the opportunity to spend time with our precious Cate, her Mommy and Daddy and Uncle Bryan. The second allowed me to spend some much needed time with my wonderful parents. Both warmed my heart and reminded me of what a very lucky and blessed girl I am.

Have you seen the movie Crazy Heart with Jeff Bridges and Maggie Gyllenhaal? If not, I highly recommend it. Both the movie and its theme song (The Weary Kind written by Ryan Bingham) are beautiful and moving. As I am a lover of words I will share a few of Mr. Bingham's with you.

...and this ain't no place for the weary kind
...and this ain't no place to lose your mind
...and this ain't no place to fall behind
...pick up your crazy heart and give it one more try


Paul and Phillip said...

I just love reading your words. It always reminds me of friends family and home.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Great and unusaul gift from your nephew. I would of never thought of giving that but how thoughtful.
Glad you had a nice trip to Texas but the weather here has been a bit crazy. We even had snow yesterday and it never snows in my part of Texas
Glad your back

Christy said...

i have a chilaquiles obsession myself. I have made them at home, but they are never quite as good as the ones i had in costa rica about 10 years ago!

jennifer said...

Your own domain - now that is a wonderful gift!!

Kimberly said...

Love, love, love west Texas. Good Chilaquiles --- El Presidente International Resort in Cozumel, Meh-hee-koh (no longer there, Katrina took it with her). Topped with goat cheese....aribe!

sweetjeanette said...

This IS a thoughtful gift!!! I just purchased my own (dot) com address too. I really like not having to do the whole "blogspot" addition to my name. Now I'm going to have to check out that movie, the lyric segment you wrote has a hook in me! Glad you're back!!!