March 3, 2010

The Contractor Is Scheduled...

Over the past several years we have pretty much taken our house, one room at a time, and gutted it. It has been a labor of love. You see, when the Senor moved in, our home was like a neglected child. Fabulous soul, wonderful bones...but with the *&#* beat out of it!

Seriously, mere words can't describe the hideous layers of wallpaper, paint colors and other various atrocities we have discovered along our remodel journey.

And now, we are about to embark on the final frontier - the room that is hidden in the furthest most crevice of our home - the master bath.

Now before I go any further I must ask, don't you just love a beautiful bathroom? I'm not talking about something reminiscent of the shower facilities in your high school gym - I'm talking a peaceful, comfortable, spa-like bath that makes you wish you could spend all day there.

Okay, so I'm in touch with the fact that I am limited on space and don't live in the Ritz Carlton Hotel - there will be no steam room, hot tub or eucalyptus seating area but I do plan to create a beautiful bath all the same.

The color scheme has been determined, the cabinetry ordered, the shower design is under way, the contractor is scheduled...and this folks is where the craziness begins...

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DREW'S MOM said...

How exciting! I'm sure it'll come out great. Can't wait to see pictures of the progress.