January 16, 2012

The debate goes on...

What is it about men and the toilet?

Seriously, what is it?

Is it so difficult to lower the lid?

Up or down? That is the question.

I feel quiet certain this dilemma dates back centuries to King Minos of Crete who, according to history, was the proud owner of the very first water closet.

Or perhaps it started a few 100 years later when the Godson of Queen Elizabeth the First invented and built a flush toilet for her.

Odds are the King preferred the lid up. Even greater odds say the Queen preferred the lid down.

And here we are in the year 2012 and the debate goes on.

Up versus down?

Male versus female?

He believes the lid goes up. She believes the lid goes down.

Beyond a doubt this subject has sent many a female into fits of rage. In fact, I personally know of one mild mannered Mrs who upon discovering her husband had once again left the toilet lid up slammed the lid shut so hard she actually broke it.

Rumor has it the incident also caused a few choice four letter words to pass her lips but as I did not personally witness the incident I cannot state it as a fact.

In her defense I believe any female who has made that dark, stumbling, 2:00 AM journey to the toilet only to experience the icy-cold baptism of her own derriere can relate to her rage.

It's a rage that could possible hold up as a valid defense in a court of law.

And the debate goes on.

It's a debate that has played out in our house.

A subject that has been discussed amongst our family and friends.

And it's always the same.

It's the boys against the girls.

Yes, it's a gender thing.

And if you doubt it just ask our grand daughter who, after discovering her Papa had left the toilet seat up, shook her finger while reprimanding him in her most stern two and a half year old voice and said "no Papa".


Lee Kohout said...

Most definitely...DOWN!!!!! Thanks Kim, we enjoyed that blog. And are now debating...lol


Made In The South said...

What a funny post. Usually the best post are the ones most people don't want to talk about, but you know it is true and happens in every house. LOL