January 23, 2012

This Madness Must End...

Something strong has come over me. A deep, nagging need.

It consumes my thoughts.

I lie awake at night and think about it.

I long for the day the dream becomes a reality.

What is it you ask?

It is the need to purge. The need to remove all the junk from my life.

The need to get organized.

This news could surprise those of you who have been inside our home. You see, on the surface our home appears to pretty much have it together. It's neat. It's clean. Clutter drives me crazy; therefore you will rarely see it here.

And there my friends is the key phrase - you will rarely see it.

Yes, we have clutter but it is hidden clutter. In other words, there are certain spaces in our home that should you attempt to enter you would immediately hear me shriek, "don't open that door"!

I think this may be the point where I am supposed to stand up and say "hello, my name is Kim and I'm an closet clutterer".

We have a hidden secret. We refer to it as Bryan's room; however, in its current state Bryan couldn't get in there to do anything if his life depended on it. Thank goodness he has his own lovely home where he can comfortably lay his head at night!

Yes, there is a bed in there. Somewhere. Buried beneath anything and everything that I simply don't know what to do with. The only time we open the door to this room is to quickly toss in a piece of luggage, the Christmas wrapping paper or some other random object that doesn't have an assigned seat in another part of the house.

This past Friday I began the daunting task of cleaning the room. I was ready. I was set. I was singing a little song that sounded like something out of a Dr Seuss poem -

I've made up my mind.
This crap has to go.
I'll donate, I'll trash it, I'll give to a friend.
I'll store it, I"ll sale it, this madness must end!

I was off to a good start (or completely off my rocker!).

I thought surely I could finish the clean-up phase by the end of the weekend. It's now Monday, mid-day, and it's still not finished. I decided a few minutes ago that I was to the point where I had to either

1) find a therapist or

2) blog about it!

So here I am.

I have great plans for the room. Once the clean-up phase is complete there should be nothing left but the existing bed and book shelf. From there the room will be painted a calming shade of robin's egg blue. I plan to add a small dresser, new white blinds and accessories. It will be a place people can actually sleep. A room where I actually leave the door open!

Okay, I believe I can once again face the challenge. It's back to the room for me! I thank you lovely readers for allowing me to confess my clutter problem to you. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will be able to share photos with you of the new and improved "Bryan's" room.

Until next time...I'm running along...I'm singing a song -

I've made up my mind.
This crap has to go.
I'll donate, I'll trash it, I'll give to a friend.
I'll store it, I"ll sale it, this madness must end!


Made In The South said...

Awe, I feel your pain. My husband loves everything in a place. But me, thats another story. We are waiting until spring to put our house on the market, and thank goodness. I have 26 years of stuff. Well, more like boxes of pictures and the kids old school stuff. I even have a small bag of cassette tapes that belonged to my brother who passed away eight years ago. I think it will be ok to part with them. I do not have a room to put all those things in, but they are in the cabinet under the t.v. and in top of closets. It can just be over whelming! Heck, my hearts racing just thinking about it.
Well... now you know you are not alone. I am sure you will be finished with yours long before me. LOL
Hope the rest of the week is great,

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Honey you are not alone. I would guess that half our country have closets like the ones your talking about. I can remember mine were the same way before I had to move out here where there are no closets.
At least the other parts of your home are neat and clean. I have a girlfriend that is a hoarder and I had to stop going to her house. Now they have built another house and she is trying desperately to empty the other one but I pray not back into her new home.
I think by putting your problem out here for the world to read will inspire you get the room your wanting. I am trying to do a upstairs room myself but it is going slow. We can do it together.