January 27, 2012

The Blues...

After loads of research and several trips to my local paint store I have finally decided on a wall color for the guest room make over.

Before revealing the color I have a confession to make. People I LABORED over this decision! It was ridiculous. I actually found myself lying awake at night weighing the finalists in my mind. Too light, too dark, too nursery-like? I discovered something about myself during this time. I hate to say the words aloud but I'm afraid it's true...those people with OCD aren't that much different from me. You notice I'm not saying that I personally am OCD, I'm just merely saying that I understand how one could have those tendencies. Especially when it comes time to choose a paint color. There. I've said it. There will be no need to speak of this subject again!

In the end it came down to two colors...

Benjamin Moore's Glass Slipper

Benjamin Moore's Palladian Blue

Ladies and Gentleman, without further adieu, I present to you the winner of the guest bedroom paint decision...

Glass Slipper!

Don't you just love It? I love it. Actually I love them both - very much - but for a bedroom I decided Glass Slipper was the best choice. It has a grayish tone that I find very relaxing. One description I read said "the color of a washed out sky after a storm". Sounds perfect to me. I want the room to feel fresh and clean.

Now I am in the waiting mode. Waiting to hear back from the painter with his bid and schedule. Waiting for the folks who are taking the dresser and night stands to come and haul them away. Waiting for the painting to be done so I can have the carpet cleaned. Waiting...waiting...waiting.

In the meantime, I think I'll ponder on the perfect space to use the Palladian Blue!


Angie said...

Great colors - I'd have a hard time choosing, too!

Alicia K said...

Love what you have chosen...you always seem to get it right.