September 30, 2009

A Gift To The Soul...

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tran quil li ty


quality or state of being tranquil; calmness; peacefulness; quiet; serenity.


Such a lovely "place".

What is your idea of tranquility?

What takes you there?

To that place of calm and peace?

Where serenity surrounds you?

Do you actually have to "go" somewhere to find it


is it a state of mind you achieve through prayer

or meditation?

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To achieve a state of tranquility do you need to be surrounded by "beauty"

or nature

or a special someone?

Or is it a place you can go all by yourself?

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Perhaps you are able to find it in a mixture of all these things.

What if we allowed ourselves to take fifteen minutes each day to go there?

We get so caught up in the world.

In the news,

the weather,

the sports.

In the homework,

the laundry...

You get my drift.

If we would just take a few minutes every day to find our "tranquility"

maybe our blood pressure wouldn't be quiet so high.

Maybe we'd get just a few more minutes of sleep each night.

Perhaps fears
wouldn't lurk like giants in the shadows of the mind.

And self doubt would find another place to live.

So I ask you, how do you find your tranquility?

Is it in the sunrise with a cup of coffee

or maybe the porch or lawn in the late afternoon?

Is it in the eyes of a child

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or a game of fetch with a pet?

Is it in mountains,

or the ocean,

or the trees?

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The list could go on and on.


every day...

set a goal to find it...

search it out...

it is ours for the taking...

a gift we can give to our own heart and soul.

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C said...

That photo with the swans is just gooooooorrrrrgeooouuuuusssss!!!!!!