September 30, 2009


Okay people, I am so excited!

I should preface this by coming clean with the fact that I

am not a


I was when I was a kid - and maybe in my early twenties -

but sometime after that

the crafty left me and I became

a shopping-kind-of-girl.

Well, these days I am an


so I decided maybe it was time I did some


and see if I could


the crafty-kind-of-girl.

So, here's what I found...

maybe I'm not so crafty


I'm a pretty good copier! (thank you oh thank you sweet Sarah at Thrify Decor Chick for allowing girls like me to copy your creative genius!).

Anyway, the other day I was over at Sarah's place oohing and goohing over her cute ideas and I ran across a beautiful Fall floral arrangement she made using a Southern Living Bucket.

So, back when I was employed I never bought the SL bucket and when I saw Sarah's arrangement I said to myself, "self, you should have bought that bucket back before you became unemployed."

Okay, so much for the bucket, right?

Actually, no!

Lo' and behold, the next day I'm roaming around my neighborhood "junk" store and what do I come across but the SL bucket priced at a mere $5.95!


People, that kind of stuff never happens to me!

Okay, bottom line is this...I took my $5.95 bucket, used Sarah's arrangement


my inspiration



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I made it!

And yes,

I feel a real sense of accomplishment!

And yes,

that gets me excited!


Traci said...

Way to go! I'm new to your blog. I really love the pic of the baby Very cute! Have a great weekend! traci

Stacy said...

I have that same exact holder!