September 26, 2009

I Am A Traditionalist...

I am a traditionalist.

Family and tradition are at the core of who I am. One of my most favorite traditions is that of our annual Dove Days celebration.

Dove Days started out as a small get-together of six friends and their families. They would gather for the weekend, do a little dove hunting, have a bar-b-que and basically use this yearly event to celebrate their friendship.

Twenty-five years later the small get-together has grown in to a group of over eighty people who gather for the weekend, do a little dove hunting, have a 3-day bar-b-que and celebrate their friendship!

The most amazing thing about these six friends is the fact that they have been enjoying this crazy thing we call life together for the past sixty something years – give or take a few. And through these years they have brought together a unique group of individuals, in some form or fashion, to develop what we refer to as our Dove Days family.

We just completed our 25th annual Dove Days celebration. Over that weekend I took a step back and had a good look at those six men who have had a direct influence on who I am as a person.

And who am I?

Well, one thing is for sure, I am a traditionalist.

And that is one of the qualities I must have acquired from them.

They've taught me the lesson of friendship throughout my life...the importance of nurturing friendship through love and laughter, through trials and sorrow, through births and loss through forgiveness and through tradition.

Because of each of them, I am blessed...and I am thankful.

***Photos courtesy of Cory Hendricks-Seebackwards Photography -


jessica said...

I love the post-
Cory and I really like that one pic of your dad. I also love the collage pics... I've gotta learn how to do that!

bj said...

Great post, Kim...

chagler said...

this is awesome kim! who made the dove days quilt?

DREW'S MOM said...

That is incredible. You are truly blessed to have such a great tradition continuing with such amazing people. Congrats.. and thank you for sharing.

pop said...

your tradition is in the excellence you put into all your endeavers.